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Gathering together after 18 months of forced separation, over 50 people attended our fall retreat on Saturday, September 25, 2021.We gathered at Our Lady of Angels Church in Randolph, Vermont.  It was a beautiful sunny day - open windows and doors allowed us to enjoy the warm fresh air.

It was quite a diverse group, but unified in our love for Our Faith and Our Church. Present were Catholic Daughters along with some other women in our Diocese. Their ages ranged from 4 months to 90+ years and all ages in-between.

Of course, there was plenty of time to socialize - sharing plenty of good food while we reconnected with old friends and met new people. Women came from all over Vermont and some were introduced for the first time to CDA.



Raising money? What would a CDA retreat be if we were not joined in support of filling a need in our Vermont community? The fundraiser was for the women’s health center: Aspire Together in Burlington, specifically for their mobile unit ultrasound.  At the retreat, we raised $775.00.  Prior to the retreat, we had a donation of $1,000.  So, we raised a total of $1,775.00.  We are PRO LIFE!

We had a lot of fun raffling off a beautiful Advent Wreath with candles; a basket of “Loaves and Fishes” …5 homemade breads and 2 cans of tuna fish! and a Spiritual Basket which included a lovely framed picture, a statue of Our Blessed Mother, as well as CD’s and other religious items. The funds from the sale of tickets helped defray the costs of the retreat.



Our retreat focused on the Holy Family by reflecting on litanies to St Joseph, our Blessed Mother, and the Holy Name of Jesus. The three sessions were led by Deacon Gesualdo Schneider from St. Augustine Church in Montpelier. Musical meditations bracketed a discussion on different titles that are given in each litany. Each title has a depth of meaning and significance. When we put those titles together, we begin to have a much richer understanding of each person in the Holy Family. There is so much to contemplate. The final reflection ended with Adoration and Benediction.

Our music was provided by Mary Fran and Dale Stafford. Mary Fran performed on the harp and Dale was on the recorder. We were greeted by their peaceful music as we entered the church to begin each session. Their meditative music at the end of each session gave us time to allow what had been spoken about to settle into our souls. Their contribution greatly enhanced our experience.

Vermont Catholic Daughters are alive and well!   We welcome you to contact your local court and join in the action.    Stay tuned for information on our Spring retreat.

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