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Susan Mone
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Phone: 480-202-6257

Greetings to Vermont Catholic Daughters,

After speaking to your State Regent, Loretta, I wanted to write a letter to all of you to introduce myself as the new National Supervisor for the beautiful state of Vermont.

Unfortunately, I know of the beauty of your state only by photos which I’m sure don’t do itjustice. I’ll look forward to visiting you and Vermont.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA as the 5 th of 6 children and the only girl! My father worked as an account for 35 years for Alcoa and my mother was a nurse. I went to 12 years of Catholic School education and to nursing school. I worked about 10 years in Pittsburgh and then moved with my parents to Mesa, AZ in 1974. I worked in Mesa for 30 years before taking early retirement to travel and to enjoy grandchildren. Most of all these 40 years, I was a Labor and Delivery nurse and shared in the miracle of new life daily, what a blessing. My husband and I have been married for almost 43 years and share 6 children and 8 grandchildren plus an angel in heaven.

I am very proud to say that I am a 3 rd generation Catholic Daughter. My grandmother was a member in Pittsburgh for 50 years and my mother a member in Pittsburgh for 35 years and another 16 years in Mesa, AZ. I joined as a charter member to our court in Mesa, Jan.1977. I have held all the local court offices, District Deputy and all 5 State offices and as well as several chairmanships both State and National levels. I served as National Secretary-Treasurer, 2 nd Vice National Regent, First Vice National Regent and currently I am the National Regent Elect.

Your State Regent wrote a lovely email about the wonderful history of Catholic Daughters in Vermont and all of you should be very proud of that history. You have a history that spreads well over 100 years with women of faith and strength carrying on the rich traditions of our organization. You are women of faith and strength also that continue those traditions. I know the struggles we all face in our courts to grow and continue to make a difference especially after over 2 years of covid that affected us all in our work. Now we are all working to get back on our feet and getting our courts active in our parishes and communities. I hope to be able to be of help the next 2 years and please know that my Catholic Daughter sisters are in my prayers at daily mass and my rosary for the success of your courts and the health and happiness of you and your families.

I ask for your prayers to Our Blessed Mother to walk beside me and the Holy Spirit to guide me. I have my calendar marked for your Vermont State Convention in April and look forward to meeting many of you there. Our National Regent’s theme for her term is very powerful in these times we live in and great words to live by: “Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains”.

God’s peace and joy,                                     

Susan Moné

National Regent Elect

State Regent

Loretta Schneider
Email: click here
Phone: 802-223-2151

State 1st Vice Regent

Doris Voyer
Email: click here
Phone: 802-223-5477

State 2nd Vice Regent

Deborah Brown
Email: click here
Phone: 802-472-5088
C: 802-595-1374

State Secretary & District Deputy

Rose Pelchuck
Email: click here
Phone: 802-454-7377

Rose is district deputy for Courts St. Monica #1181 and St. Veronica #1273.

State Treasurer

Dale Mount
Email: click here
Phone: 802-728-9884

State Chaplain

Fr. Pat Forman
Email: click here
Phone: (802) 864-4166

Immediate Past Regent

Lorraine Durfee
Email: click here
Phone: 802-234-5605

Lorraine also serves as the Circle of Love's Leadership chair.

District Deputy

Jane Geider
Email: click here
Phone: 802-793-8728

Jane serves Courts St. Mary #468 and Fanny Allen #1060.

District Deputy

Carol Laurendeau
Email: click here
Phone: 802-479-3258

Carol is district deputy for Court St. Anthony #1231 and also serves as one of the state auditors.

Circle of Love--Family

Mary Jane Fradette
Email: click here
Phone: 802-793-4764

Circle of Love--Legislation

Kathy Grange
Email: click here
Phone: 802-476-7180

Circle of Love--Education

Lynn Guy
Email: click here
Phone: 802-479-0801

Circle of Love--Qualify of Life

Judy Smith
Email: click here
Phone: 802-524-4456

Circle of Love--Spiritual

Jeannine Young
Email: click here
Phone: 802-586-2899

State Auditor

Madeleine Chapman
Email: click here
Phone: 802-763-8143

Regent Barre - Court St. Monica #1181

Diana Celia
Email: click here
Phone: 781-917-7564

Regent - Bethel, VT - Court St. Anthony #1231

Mary Ann Church
Email: click here

Regent - Essex Junction, VT - Court Fanny Allen #1060

Elizabeth Evans
Email: click here

Regent - Fair Haven, VT - Court Isabella #173

Ann Marie Mahar
Email: click here
Phone: 802-256-3356

Ann Marie also serves as the Circle of Love Youth chair.

Regent - Hardwick, VT - Court St. Veronica #1273

Deborah Brown
Email: click here
Phone: 802-472-5088
C: 802-595-1374

Regent - Manchester, VT - Court St. Rita #894

Linda McGinnis
Email: click here

Regent - Montpelier, VT - Court St. Augustine #976

Sharon Vivian
Email: click here
Phone: 802-229-9249

Regent - Springfield, VT - Court St. Anne #1069

Ruth Carnell
Email: click here
Phone: 858-888-2258

Regent, St. Albans, VT - Court St. Mary #468

Patricia Wilder
Email: click here
Phone: 8025243893


Ryan Boisvert
Email: click here
Phone: 802.233.9603

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