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List of Vermont Catholic Daughter Courts

Barre, VT -- Court St. Monica #1181

Institution Date: June 21, 1931
Meetings: 1st Tuesday, September - December, February - June
Co-Regent: Judy Guild (802-433-9854 -
Co-Regent:  Deb Sabens (802-479-2193 -
Vice Regent: None
Recording Secretary: Pamela Poland
Financial Secretary: Carol Laurendeau
Treasurer: Patricia Robinson
Chaplain: Rev. Peter O'Leary

Bethel, VT -- Court St. Anthony #1231
Institution Date: June 2, 1935
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, March - December
Regent: Lorraine Durfee (802-234-5605 -
Vice Regent: Sandra Barry
Recording Secretary: Cathy Day
Financial Secretary: Madeline Chapman
Treasurer: Margaret Mollitor
Chaplain: Rev. Andrzej Badnarowicz

Essex Junction, VT -- Court Fanny Allen #1060
Institution Date: June 16, 1927
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday, September - June
Regent: Louise Zduich (802-878-8407 -
Vice Regent: Julie Ruby
Recording Secretary: Agnes Clift
Financial Secretary: Linda Hemond
Treasurer: Beverly Cloutier
Chaplain: Rev. Charles Ranges
More Info:
Catholic Daughter Court Fanny Allen is a large and very active court.  The Court meets in the Parish Hall at Holy Family Church on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 from September through June.  Members must be 18 years of age.  Meetings include reciting the Rosary, or opening with a prayer service, meetings may include inspirational speakers, actions that support their stand on moral issues, and planning for various fund-raising projects. CDA Court Functions include, Fall Rummage Sale, Christmas Bazaar in November. Mid winter we hold a community Turkey Dinner, and late spring an Indoor Lawn / Rummage Sale. The Church, our children and our society need positive role models today. You can answer the call by becoming involved with Catholic Daughters of the Americas.

Fair Haven, VT -- Court Isabella #173
Institution Date: June 23, 1912
Meetings: 2nd Thursday, September - November; March - August
Regent: Mariann Miller (518-499-9377 -
Vice Regent: Anne Marie Mahar
Recording Secretary: Joyce Roberts
Financial Secretary: Ruby Amerio
Treasurer: Ann Marie Mahar
Chaplain: Fr. Antony Pittappilly

Hardwick, VT -- Court St. Veronica #1273
Institution Date: March 1, 1938
Meetings: 1st Thursday, February - June; August - December
Regent: Jeannine Young (802-586-2899 -
Vice Regent: Annette Gann
Recording Secretary: Raymonda (Candy) Parchment
Financial Secretary: Darlene Rogers
Treasurer: Florence Martin
Chaplain: Fr. Angelito Sumod-ong

Manchester, VT -- Court St. Rita #894
Institution Date: June 24, 1924
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, March - December
Regent: Nancy Joyce (802-228-3286 -
Vice Regent: Linda McGinnis
Recording Secretary: Judy Mongelluzzi
Financial Secretary: Pending
Treasurer: Mildred Kaylor
Chaplain: Rev. Thomas Mattison

Montpelier, VT -- Court St. Augustine #976

Institution Date: September 27, 1925
Meetings: 3rd Tuesday, September - June
Regent:  Sharon Bjornberg (802-498-3974 -
Vice Regent: Sharon Vivian
Recording Secretary: Rose Pelchuck
Financial Secretary: Dorothy Canas
Treasurer: Carla Pembroke
Chaplain: Msgr. Peter Routhier

Springfield, VT -- Court St. Anne #1069
Institution Date: July 1927
Meetings: 2nd Thursday, September - June
Regent: Moria Fratini (802-885-2675 -
Vice Regent: Lori Limoges
Recording Secretary: Ruth Carnell
Financial Secretary: Mary Clancy
Treasurer: Sandy Forcier
Chaplain: Rev. Peter Williams

St. Albans, VT -- Court St. Mary #468
Institution Date: May 16, 1920
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, September - December; March - July
Regent: Rachel Smith (802-524-6717 -
Vice Regent: Patricia Wilder
Recording Secretary: Judy Lovelette
Financial Secretary: Susan Bressette
Treasurer: Claire Raymond
Chaplain: Rev. Luke Austin

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