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Vermont Catholic Daughters of the Americas Youth Service Recognition Award

The Vermont State CDA Court will recognize two Catholic youths in Vermont at their respective high school graduations with a certificate and a $100 award. Each Court in the State of Vermont is encouraged to nominate a male and a female, who will be graduating in June or who was an early December graduate. The senior(s) may or may not be planning on attending college. Regents should consult with their Pastor/Chaplain prior to presenting their nomination(s) at their monthly meeting.

To qualify for this recognition award, the graduate(s) must be nominated by a local court and must be approved at a meeting of the nominating court. The nomination process requires the nominating court to submit an application by April 15 to the State Education Chair. The graduate(s) nominated must have demonstrated outstanding service to their Parish and outstanding Catholicism. This could include being an altar server, choir member, lector, funeral dinner worker, involvement in a nursing home, visiting or performing tasks for shut-ins or others, or any other church related service. It is highly recommended that the Priest in the Parish write a brief statement supporting the student(s) and their involvement in Mass attendance and service if applicable.


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