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Message From Past State Regent Sharon Winzler

Hello All. National Convention was fantastic!

There will be pictures and videos on our national website to view. I was the only person in attendance and picked up the 1903 certificate for our beloved Louise Zdiuch. That was a wonderful memorial tribute to her.

Gloria Pervis was an outstanding speaker. She spoke on being a courageous witness for Jesus in every situation. Look for the Holy Spirit to give you the courage and the words to say.

There was lots of discussion on the By Laws. I'm sure the official changes will be available to courts in the future.

National dues were voted on and raised from $15.00 to $18.00.

Tragically, 3 women were hospitalized. One was the mother of Ivone da Silveira, the Puerto Rico Convention Director. She had a massive stroke and after a time was declared brain dead. I don't know if she has passed away.

Another 2 members from Pennsylvania also had serious situations but I am not sure of their names and / or their current status. Please continue to pray for all and their families.

Check the national website for election results and the daily updates by Tom Panas.

There were several requests asking about Past National Director, Pam Poland.

Thank you to my court for assisting me financially with my airfare to Puerto Rico. It was important in getting a return flight home because my flight was cancelled due to plane mechanical problems.

Our new National Clergy, Fr. Shenan Boquet is very personable and has a wonderful history with CDA. As a seminarian in Louisiana, he and his classmates were supported by CDA along their journey to priesthood. He is going to have a prayer group available to all members.

Accommodations and food was excellent. Fun night was dinner and a DJ with lots of CDA members dancing throughout the evening. There was a group of Puerto Rican members who dressed in matching red and white dresses who did a native dance performance for all. The CDA host courts of Puerto Rico were very helpful, created a beautiful atmosphere in our meeting room and were very joyful women.

CDA gave a total of $223,348.00 to our National Projects and Charities.

I hope our CDA membership will attend the next convention in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2024. The Louisiana convention committee entertained us with a wonderful skit about the uniqueness of their state.

Thanks for reading this report. Please find much more info on our national website:


Sharon Winzler

Court Fanny Allen #1060

Essex, Vermont

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